Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year And Hello 2015!

Happy new year!

The new year can be an excellent opportunity to have a fresh start, change old habits and go into the next year with wonder, motivation and determination to achieve goals. Creating resolutions and starting a new year planner can cleanse many of the misfortune’s or the previous year and create instant ‘this is my new life’ happiness. However its not always as easy as this, sometimes the deepest darkest depths of winter can be the hardest time to haul yourself up and proclaim change. Whilst others are enjoying the festive party circuit, shopping in the sales and celebrating with family and friends it is usually much more realistic to just want to be woken up again in spring when the sun is out again. The pressure of stopping smoking, spending less and losing weight on January the 1st, I think it completely ridiculous although it works for many it is for most a platform for failure to change because one simply is just not ready. I think there should be much more encouragement to wake up and make a change any other the other 364 days in the year. In your own time, when it is right for you. This winter has seen many drastic changes to my life and although there are lots of goals I would like to achieve and plans I would like to make 1/1/15 was just not going to be the time. I’ve listened to everyone’s resolutions and I think they are brilliant and well done to everyone who has chosen to use this change in the year to move forward, achieve greatness and find happiness. However January is busy, and so will the beginning of February, so maybe I think I’ll choose to start making my changes and plans sometime in February, no pressure, just in my own time when I feel is right. And you should too.

Let 2015 be full of wonder, adventure and peace.

Meg xx


  1. Thank you! Take your time and enjoy things more :) xxx