Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility- Animal Products at home: Cruelty or fashion?

As all companies are encouraged to take responsibility for their impact on the community and the environment, many have done so in order to protect their image and ensure their desirability to the public. This usually manifests itself in environmental factors such as waste and pollution reduction and social factors including being involved with charity work and the local community. Many companies love to do this, it is very valuable for them to be seen as transparent, responsible and ethical however many organisations don't and operate in very sketchy industries shrouded in much ethical controversy. Picture a log cabin in a snowy landscape, interior decor in soft greys and neutrals with varied textured fabrics to create a cosy atmosphere and perhaps a cow hide dressing the floor or being hung from a wall. Sounds lovely but the reality is not and the organisations involved? They couldn't care less. After department store, John Lewis was asked about the reindeer hides it sells the store commented saying that "the income was useful to the nomadic communities that produce them" however they did not disclose what proportion of the rugs sale would actually go back to the producers. The sale of these products contradicts the company's no-fur policy which caused further outrage from Peta, who campaign against animal suffering and cruelty products. 

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