Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Pinterest: Online Disneyland for design lovers

It's 3am and you have to be up in 3.5 hours, the glow from the screen illuminates your face in the dark as you wonder why your entryway tiles are not herringbone and would a gloss taxi cab yellow front door get you dirty looks from the neighbours. We've all been there, lost down the design rabbit hole that is Pinterest. Your entire dream life under one webpage, and it is beautiful. Down to all the last details of your fairytale wedding, the style of mouldings for the nursery of your dreams, not to mention all the cakes you will bake on your weekends off. Launched in 2010 this platform for visual discovery and image scrapbooking has captured the creativity of over 70 million users with 2 million pins flying across the internet everyday. It is completely no surprise how the company have overtaken micro-blogging site Tumblr regarding unique monthly visitors, brining in just under 25million nor is it a surprise the company’s recent valuation sits at $5 billion US dollars. Pinterest is the place to escape to when the cold rain rattles your daily commute, to plan travels and scrapbook restaurants and recipes. An incredibly useful tool for all party planning, wedding planning and home redecoration. It is the place to go to find a new workout, learn a new beauty routine and even to learn a new language. It is the reason you go into work in the morning maybe not on your best form after being completely overwhelmed by the urge to redecorate your under stair cupboard to the snug reading nook it deserves to be, and it is the reason why all your friends must get together this weekend to make pink iced ombre 3 tier cakes and rosemary and grapefruit martinis. No matter how different from the picture on the pin your own creations turn out, this social media past time has encouraged many to do something they may not have done in years, to get making and doing and dreaming and getting inspired and exited about all the beautiful and magical things to be seen and done out there.
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  1. I love pintrest. It introduced me to so many great recipes. X

  2. Absolutely! So many yummy things to be made! xxx